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Zen Bed:
Subtle yet rich, Anichini's Cinese is regal and luxurious. Green and pale golden jade impart a calm, meditative vibe. The essence of the Eastern influence on home furnishings, this sumptuous brocade was inspired by the high art of Imperial court scenes. 


(Top) Jamdani, a special term for silk weaving from the 17th century, is a very sophisticated reverse-woven silk, shown here in orange with hand applied beadwork.

(Middle) Cinese , an Italian brocade depicting Imperial Chinese court scenes, in bronze with cording and tassel.

(Bottom) Waves, a 100% Morganza silk pleated continental sham in bittersweet orange.

(Side) Limousine Travel Quilt, channel quilted 100% silk taffeta luxury personal accessory backed with cashmere in bittersweet.



Taormina Based on Italian marble hand inlays found in the country's most majestic Cathedrals, the lush 100% merino wool throw is available in natural shades of painterly colors. 


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Think nutmeg and paprika and cinnamon and allspice.... travelling along the famous Spice Route to Venice. Ecco! There you have it!  





Think candlight! Romance! Opulence! Sex Appeal! As Catherine Deneuve embodies the French ideal of Beauty, this collection embraces many of the unique elements of French Deco design. Beyond-chic, this ensemble combines ultra luxe champagne-colored sheets, finished with rich double French flanges. These are cloaked with the piece de resistance! A walnut colored wool crepe coverlet, lined with perfectly matched dark Canadian mink. Oo La La!!  

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