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MAUVE SILK BROCADE  56" wide | $94.50 


This is a beautiful mauve colored silk brocade with a fan pattern on it in a slightly lighter shade of mauve. This piece has an irridescent appeal as well, perfect for jacket and skirt! 
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SILK & COTTON BATISTE | 58" wide | $59.95 


This is a wonderful two-toned silk and cotton batiste piece that goes lovely with the mauve silk brocade. What a great piece for a shell or blouse! 



This is a wonderful and unique piece from Paris. It is a blend of a pale citrus, white, and olive. What a beautiful piece for a summer suit! Also, matches exquisitly with the Citrus Silk Chiffon. 

CITRUS SILK CHIFFON |  54" wide | $48.95 


This is a beautiful citrus, white and olive colored silk chiffon. It matches perfectly with the Moreau Paris Cotton Suiting and would be beautiful as a blouse beneath it. 

LAVENDER PEARL BUTTONS | --" wide | $5.25-$5.85 

This is a delicate little pearl button in lovely lavender! It measures 1/2" in diameter with a wire wrap style button hole. This would be darling on a cardigan sweater.

This darling lavender pearl button measures 3/8" in diameter and is so sweet it woul be wonderful for a blouse or a sweater! 
LARGE PERUVIAN STRIPE BUTTONS | 1 1/2" wide | $6.60-$8.70


This is a long, rectangular stripe button that is great for knit sweaters, jackets, or vests! This piece measures 1 1/2" by 1/2".

This is a small rectangular stripe button that would be darling a knit, especially a hand knit piece! This piece measures 1 1/8" by a scant 1/2".

LEATHER & FUR HIDE  | --" wide | $---.--

This is an interesting and uique piece with a smooth leather and patches of soft sheared fur. This would make a wonderful statement as a pillow in a southwestern style home!

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